Take a minute to think about when the last time was that you tried to do something different to improve your relationships. Maybe you have heard of Gender Brain Chemistry™, which is a new program. You may be wondering whether there are any benefits to new stress, brain and gender research. Can it help create compatible relationships?

I am Beverly Taylor and I created this new program. It is an incredible new tool that can potentially raise your relationship to an entirely new level. My answer to your question of whether there are any benefits to new stress, brain and gender research is an emphatic YES!

Imagine that you invest in a new product, and the value of its stock quadruples during its first six months. Would you invest more or sell your stock? You would be advised by your stockbroker to buy more! I’m not a stockbroker, and you can’t buy brain science on Wall Street, since it isn’t a tangible commodity. However, it is definitely a worthwhile investment to understand how to sustain and maintain compatible relationships.

Introducing Your Chemical Brain

Before I introduce you to your own chemical brain, you first need some additional information on this concept. The new program is related to female and male reactions to stress.

If you aren’t already aware, stress as well as how we react to it, can potentially be a significant contributing factor these days to the failure of relationships. When we act without thinking first on account of being stressed out, this can seriously damage a relationship. However, there is some good news regarding this relationship phenomenon. That is what this article is about.

For quite some time scientists have recognizes certain chemical messengers being present inside the brains of women and men. These chemical messengers have an affect on the way that both of the genders respond to stress. To get more information on your chemical brain I recommend that you read my archived blogs on my website about specific chemical messengers. It might just save your relationship!

Meet his and her chemical brains. Their appearance, size and shape are very similar. Chemically speaking, in fact, the same chemical messengers are present in amounts that vary somewhat. So why do they collide if they’re so similar to one another?

Women’s and Men’s Brains: Hardwired Differently

One definition of “hardwired” is that it is a type of permanent electronic circuits. However, I prefer the following definition for our purposes, “innately or genetically predisposed.” This circuitry is something we are born with, and it can be a real lesson in futility trying to change it.

When it comes to your incredible chemical brain, think of the term “hardwired” being similar to having two circuit panels inside the brain. We will call them female and male. These circuit panels look very similar. However the way they function is quite different. That is due to the wiring behind each of the circuit panels being hardwired quite differently.

Female and male brains are innately, or genetically, hardwired differently. Therefore, their needs and reactions are different. In order to achieve relationship harmony and happiness, it is important to understand those differences and address the needs.

Understanding and Appreciating the Differences

We live in a high stress world these days. It is important for you to understand the things you know already about how stress affects us. Wait a minute, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. What do I mean by understand what we already know?

In other words, you already know that women and men react, feel, think and behave in different ways. Our gender differentiates the way we process information, emotions and language that we receive.

We need to make sense of those differences. Conflict is the result if we don’t. Advances in research and technology help with pinpointing how the anatomy or structure of our brains affects how we respond to the environment and stress.

When you start to understand these differences better, the way you interpret your partner’s feelings and behavior will take on a new meaning. It will make it possible for you to give your partner what she or he really needs.

So What Is My Next Step to Compatible Relationships?

You have started your new journey already. Your relationship will benefit from you understanding gender differences are actually real and taking the time to learn even more. Allow me to help you make sure your needs are met so that you can make sure that your partner’s needs are met as well.

Just think what it would feel like to understand why she wants to share and talk or why he seems so disconnected? Why she is able to multitask and he is so focused on one thing. How she is able to remember every fight. The way to create harmony is only one phone call away.

Easy Key to Success with Brain Science