Brain Chemistry Help for The Good Guy Syndrome


You know the saying that good guys always finish last. It can be true that the good guys do, too. Have you heard of the “Good Guy Syndrome”? It often has to do that good guys may be fixated on pleasing others. They forget to take care of their own needs.

Here, I will show you a few techniques to increase the nice guy’s testosterone. Boosting a man’s testosterone levels increase his confidence. At the same time, he will still be remarkably sweet, thoughtful and all the other nice things that attracted you in the first place.

The good guy wants everyone to like him. He also wants to make everyone happy. When he has higher testosterone levels, it gives him more confidence. He often feels like the only way he can have relationships with others is by being the consummate people pleaser. He needs the additional confidence.

Believe it or not, this is due to having low self-esteem. If he increases his testosterone, he gets the help he needs to feel like a good guy who has tons of good feelings about himself, too

How to Help the Good Guy

The simple way to do this is by appreciating every single thing he does (i.e., his actions). It might seem a little unimportant to you, but when you tell him you appreciate something he has done it raises his testosterone. When he knows that he has pleased you, it makes him happy. All you need to do is thank him for opening the door for you. It works to build his testosterone.

Along with appreciating what he does, be sure to thank him whenever possible. This is a great way to reinforce how appreciative you are, naturally. Doing this gives him the sense of acceptance he needs. This makes him feel good and that will also raise his testosterone.

Take note of the things that he is good at and be sure to point them out to him. This reassures him. This lets him know he does a good job. If it makes you happy and pleased, it makes him feel confident.

Have you already told him how polite he is? Do you love the way he sings? Tell him again. Even if you have already told him he is good at something, reminding him is another way to keep his testosterone levels up.

Whatever you do, try not to criticize the things he does. Critical comments about his actions will lower his testosterone levels especially if he is a typical good guy. He may not do a job the way you would, but if he put in the effort let him know you appreciate it.