How Can I Improve My Business Marketing with Gender Brain Chemistry™?


Marketing gets a bad rap. That’s because marketers can seem like people who just want to “sell you something”. And maybe that’s what marketing feels like to you. But it’s actually a great opportunity to create genuine connections, and a way for you to share your solution to a problem other people have. So, if you ever ask, “How can I improve my business marketing?”, try this new method called Gender Brain Chemistry™. Soon, you’ll create marketing campaigns that really impact your clients.

What is Gender Brain Chemistry™?

Brain chemistry is intricate, but let’s simplify it and make it practical. Two very important hormones are testosterone and oxytocin. Testosterone reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being in a man. Oxytocin reduces stress in a woman and increases her feeling of well-being. These aren’t the only two hormones influencing our actions, but they’re important in Gender Brain Chemistry™.

By understanding the body’s chemical needs, you can also understand what drives people to do what they do. It explains why they make certain decisions, and why they trust and believe you. By talking to them in a way that supports their body’s chemical needs, they will actually want to purchase your materials.

Women Need Oxytocin

Oxytocin is all about how you feel. It’s about love, caring, connecting and relationships.

If you’re asking, “How can I improve my business marketing with women?”, you can support a woman’s oxytocin levels by helping her feel honored for who she is. You can respect, understand and validate her feelings, too. It’s easy to dismiss emotions and a woman’s natural inclination to nurture and bond, but this is exactly what a woman needs to be her best self.

Men Need Testosterone

A man needs testosterone to feel empowered and capable. Testosterone is all about action and results, and it increases when a man has a difficult (but doable!) task to solve.

Trust, acceptance, approval, admiration and praise increase a man’s testosterone. Men like being the hero and saving the day. So, it’s helpful to show appreciation, especially for his actions, because action is key to building his testosterone and increasing his wellbeing.

How Can I Improve My Business Marketing with Gender Brain Chemistry™

Testosterone and oxytocin are very important for effective marketing. Why? Because we can use specific keywords to motivate men and women. It’s like speaking the right language. If you speak English, but want to connect with a Spanish speaker, you need to change your language but keep your meaning the same.

So, when you market to men, speak their language, and use action-oriented words that will support their testosterone.

If you market to women, use words that raise oxytocin levels. And since oxytocin is primarily focused on love, you’ll want to add some testosterone action words, too. These will encourage a woman to act, which benefits both you and her.

By using keywords that address each gender’s chemical needs, you can create relationships with people. This is a wonderful way to improve your business marketing and build better connections with your clients.