Can Relationships Really Improve?


Humans thrive on relationships. Relationship often define a person and it can be torture for a person who isolates themselves from others. Sure, there are cases in which kids have gotten lost and ended up growing up in the wild, but they are more like animals than they are humans. Relationships are crucial at every stage of life because it provides people with companionship, exchange of ideas and emotional support. Can relationships improve?

Kids have friends and teenagers and college students also have people they hangout with. Parents hangout with work colleagues or fellow parents. Elderly people often surround themselves with anyone they can.

Children tend to maintain relationships who are physically close to them, while teenagers have a preference about who they don’t like and who they do like. When people become adults, the main focus tends to be on how to improve on the relationships they currently have. Adults also tend to be very discriminating when it comes to choosing who they want to have a relationship with.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve on relationships, but this isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds and simply having the desire to improve a relationship can make the other person feel as if they are some sort of nuisance or that they are inadequate. Most friendships happen in a natural way or organically because two people have plenty of things in common and they just seemingly click. The truth is that if something isn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it and this goes for relationships too.

A person should ask themselves what do they want to do in regards to improving a relationship and what they are hoping to accomplish. If the relationship does need some improving, then they should figure out what areas need improvement. Sometimes there’s only one thing that needs to be fixed, while other times there is an array of things that can be done to improve a relationship.

You want to take the other person’s feelings into consideration. This is because you don’t want to come off in a way that’s going to hurt them or in a way that isn’t respectful. If a relationship has mutual respect and each person cares about the other’s feelings, then making specific requests can be made and the chances are those requests will be honored.

If the other person denies the request right away, there may be a few reasons. Your request may not be realistic or the relationship isn’t that healthy. Each relationship is different so the reasons for a request being deny will depend on the type of people involved in the relationship.

The best case scenario for any relationship, including friendships, professional, family or romantic, is that both people have a desire to improve the relationship. Shared intentions makes things a whole lot easier because things can be discussed in a mature matter and there’s a better chance of things improving. When it comes to relationships, being open and honest is a must because when you have trust and you are open and honest, then your relationship will likely improve.

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