Caring for Employees Can Boost Morale and Increase Productivity


Employees are often the backbone of a business and will always put in greater effort in their work if they are properly cared for. They must be treated more than just an employee number that requires being paid regularly. You will find that caring for employees can boost morale and also increase productivity.

Caring for employees and treating them like a part of the organizational family can help to create loyalty and retain employees, as much as good service conditions and adequate salaries. A company that treats employees like partners and shares their profits with them without being prompted to do so, is more likely to have workers who will go beyond the call of duty and always have the company’s interests in mind during every moment of working there.

Taking care of employees can create a place where people are happy to work in. If they are constantly given a sense of being appreciated for what the do, they will be more productive and innovative in their work and actually want to work, instead of having to work to earn a salary. Where top management looks after its workers, productivity can increase, absenteeism can decrease, safety will improve, and quality will always be a priority.

Caring actually results in a customer’s feel good chemicals increasing. In particular this refers to serotonin, the neurotransmitter of satisfaction and calmness, and oxytocin, the hormone of bonding and love. This is particularly important if your product is one that women tend to purchase, since statistically women are involved in 87% of all purchases. Since women tend to be low in serotonin and oxytocin, the respond particularly well when the two are increased. However, even men respond positively to increasing those chemicals and caring.

Supporting and caring for all the aspects of an employee’s life can help them to become better people who will then respond to any requirement made on them during work. Besides ensuring safe, healthy and conducive working conditions, the physical and mental health of employees can be ensured through regular medical checkups and providing avenues to help them out with handling their lives outside the workplace. Help them to provide day care for younger children, and help out in school and college admissions. Respond to medical emergencies in their homes or with parents.

Many companies offer free investment advice that can help employees to manage their finances. They can also offer schemes that help out in mortgages and the acquiring of other assets like vehicles. Occasional gatherings that include families can help to increase bonding and give the employees satisfaction that it is not only their work that is being appreciated.

A manager or supervisor needs to pay constant attention to the body language of any employee so that they are constantly aware of their feelings, that can have an effect on their working. At the same time, this must never be considered an intrusion into privacy as it can then have an effect of resentment that can work against the morale of the employee.

It can always help if an employee who has gone through any emotional trauma or other disaster be constantly reassured of help, and this provided financially, where necessary. Employees who are allowed to vent their grievances and discomfort at work must be given patient hearings and a real effort being made to solve their problems or reassure them when they air their problems. Responses to problems must not be trite or dismissive, and an employee must be given a feeling of being properly heard and his or her viewpoint understood.

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