Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Customers…your business can only be in business because of them. Finding just the right people as customers, you want to provide them the best your company has to offer.

Customer service reps, sales people, managers, business executives, small business owners, etc., all depend on being able to effectively perform to be a business success. That performance includes working with your customers.

Your successful business relies on genuine relationships you cultivate with customers. They see you as a power source for them. Without you, they can’t succeed. Without them, you can’t be in business.

Positive Customer and Employee Relationships Are Essential

A secret to business success is knowing how to effectively cultivate and keep relationships. Customer service efforts, customer retention, productivity, time management, general effectiveness at work, employee retention, making decisions, being able to focus and concentrate… all of these things can affect relationships.

Relationships are important to your business. What are you doing to make sure your staff knows how to connect genuinely and quickly with your customers? Here’s some good news about a unique training program that helps you speak your customers’ language.

The Perfect “Keywords”

Similar to typing in just the perfect keyword or keyword term in an online search engine box to easily rank on Google’s page 1, striking research shows that females value things differently than the way men value them. This brain research means the “keywords” they use to think about buying products are generally different from the keywords men use to buy products.

The brain keywords in your gender-specific target audience are actually hardwired into the minds and brains of males and females. Doesn’t it simply seem logical to learn what these internal keywords are and use them in your business?

Regarding this proprietary way of thinking between males and females, imagine what it would be like if your sales and support team knew what these words were? What do you think could happen for your business? The bottom line is, if your sales and support staff don’t know how to speak female to female customers or male to male customers, you are losing customers.

How Are Men and Women’s Brains Different?

Human brain research discovered in this new century reveals that the female and male brain are about 90% the same. That 10% difference between how the two sexes communicate can mean business or no business for your company.

Using this research, businesses now know it’s important to use the right words when speaking to specific-gendered markets. For example, telling a woman that your product has “killer benefits” can actually turn her off to being your customer.

Generally, a man is very interested in a product’s “killer benefits.” The more you talk about the power he can get from your product, the more deeply you connect with him.

But a woman? No, that is not what a woman is generally interested in. Instead, she’s interested in how she can feel respected for who she is by choosing your company’s product because it can help her bond with others. The reasons she uses for valuing buying and using your product is typically very different from the way a man would justify buying and using your product.

These two different internal value systems for buying are not going to go away. They have been the same pretty much since the time humans first appeared on earth.

Knowing how to say things correctly to each of the sexes can mean the difference between effectively performing and ineffectively performing in your business. If you want to give your customers the power they want from you, it is necessary to speak with them in their male or female value system language.

A System For You

The Easy Key To Success™ Sales and Support Corporate Training Program gives you a system, based in brain research, to connect with customers in a strategic way unknown to most businesses. But you can take advantage of this knowledge for your business. It simply takes training your staff in this life-altering information that has also been used to save marriages when applied to personal relationships.

The crux of this program includes understanding how to apply the different ways men and women buy or need support. This understanding is found deep within the hardwiring of the brain.

Students of our training program discover how to access and use this unique information for creating an excellent customer connection. Knowing how to use this 10% difference in the buying mentality between the two human genders, your sales/support staff know what to say in the way each gender needs to hear it. When sales staffers say what makes sense to each gender, a much deeper bond is made with prospects and customers.

When your staff uses this knowledge Beverly Taylor calls Gender Brain Chemistry™, they know and say what prospects and customers need to hear in the WAY they need to hear it. Speaking the language of each gender as a customer, customers feel understood. Feeling understood as your sales staffers engage with prospects and customers, sales people develop the ability of improving sales conversion rates. The more they repeatedly use this information, the faster and better they get at creating compatible customer connections.

Beverly was trained by Dr. John Gray, world renown author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Three of his recent books teach about these brain chemistry differences. She also studied the research and work of others, such as Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain. That, together with her 18 years in corporate business and 16 years in small business as a Consulting Hypnotist, gives her the knowledge to present this unique training to the business world.

A new, cutting-edge approach to business relationships that increases productivity and the bottom line!

Companies now have to do more with less. It’s important to treat employees in a way that improves morale and retention, while increasing productivity. Up until now, people have been scratching their heads about how to do this in a new and better way!

With Beverly Taylor’s 25 year background in business, working and training at all levels and her Gender Brain Chemistry™ program, this is new, cutting-edge information that will improve the bottom line and personnel relations at the same time!

She shows companies that respecting gender brain chemistry differences and enhancing relationships in the workplace, improves a company’s bottom line!

What Are the Benefits?

Recent brain research has given us a new understanding of what drives human behavior. Most people in business don’t pay attention to gender differences as this information is not widely known. This cutting edge information can have a major impact on your business success today. Brain chemistry affects everyone on a day-to-day basis and influences every choice made. Give your company the language secrets that help your management, sales, marketing, and support staff harness the power this inner genius knowledge provides!

Gender Brain Chemistry™

Brings Improved:

Employee Productivity
Employee Retention and Loyalty
Employee Morale
Employee Motivation and Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Increased Sales
Improved Marketing
Customer Retention
Customer Relations
Customer Support
Employee Focus on Work due to Improved Home Relationships
Stress Reduction
Management Effectiveness

Creates Increased:


May Decrease:

Employee issues
Employee stress and burnout
Medical costs


In order to get an edge over the competition, sales and support must utilize the most advanced techniques possible. Let’s face it, when prospects or customers are uncomfortable, you lose sales.

Recent research shows that 10% of the brain chemistry between men and women is different and that this affects people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. When your staff knows the optimum communications techniques for the opposite gender, sales and customer satisfaction go up!

Learning Objectives

  • Improve communication and rapport with customers and employees.
  • Discover the unique gender-based use of appreciation.
  • Realize the implications of taking and sharing credit.
  • Understand that the 10% differences in male and female brains are to be celebrated and respected. Neither is better or worse, just different. This is true gender equality and gender affirming. The training also includes the range of differences.

Course Highlights

  • Soar above the competition through these unique competencies
  • Learn to speak the gender language of the customer
  • Identify the specific customer style
  • Match and mirror the customer’s style
  • Use dynamite sales and support techniques that explode your product’s value in the mind of your ideal prospect
  • Connect with your ideal prospects by speaking their language
  • Provide simple solutions that knock out the causes of your customer’s most exasperating, infuriating, stress-inducing situations
  • Increase customer satisfaction and profits
  • Develop a meaningful relationship with people who are most likely to welcome your solutions for their problems
  • Reduce stress and conflict between staff, prospects and customers

Training Delivery

  • Pre-Training: Tailoring and customization of content to support corporate or departmental goals
  • Delivery of Training: presentation, small group exercises, case studies, role plays, cheat sheets
  • Post-Training: Follow-up to review, answer questions, provide coaching


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