How Gender Brain Chemistry™ Affects Your Business


Do you want long term customers? Did you know that being male or female could have an impact on your success with customers in your business? Using current brain research about the differences between the way a male and female brain processes information, you hold the key to better business and customer support.

Want Long Term Customers?  Use New Brain Research

Men and women are not exactly the same. Their brains are tailored to react and respond differently to different situations.  Depending on how they channel these natural differences, they can either fail or succeed in business scenarios.

Every human being releases a substance called hormones. Some of these hormones actually drive you to behave in certain ways. This is particularly important knowledge to use in business.  Why?  Because business success is to a large degree about your relationship with customers.

If you treat your customers well, they will come back for more business. They will probably also bring in their friends and relatives, and that makes your business grow. If you treat them poorly, they’ll simply shun you and perhaps discourage others from doing business with you.  When you interact with people according to their nature, you can actually make your business grow.

Two Hormones Driving Humans

Two hormones play a big role in determining our responses to people and situations. There is testosterone for men and oxytocin for women. These hormones tend to reduce stress and increase the feeling of well being for the respective sexes.

Testosterone flows in men when they find themselves in situations like achieving something great.  For example, taking credit for a job well done, doing something that “saves the world”, or just about anything big.  Testosterone is all about “big.” It’s about power and strength. When a man emerges victorious during a situation, it’s testosterone that drove him there.

With women however, their magic hormone oxytocin flows more when they are being honored and valued for helping others. Oxytocin is all about sharing credit; helping the world.

Can you see the difference? While testosterone is about saving the world, oxytocin is about helping the world.

So how does information about testosterone and oxytocin help to grow your business? In other words, how does Gender Brain Chemistry™ help you achieve success in business?

The simplest and most obvious benefit of Gender Brain Chemistry™ is that it helps you, the business owner, manager or employee, relate exceptionally well with customers.  In other words, it helps you become very compatible with people.

For example, trusting one another, making a person feel secure and safe, and showing genuine respect increases oxytocin. As a business person, displaying these behaviors with a female customer will increase her production of oxytocin. This will make her feel less stressed and more content. It will make her happier. And of course, you are sure to develop a meaningful business relationship with such a customer.

So you see; Gender Brain Chemistry™ is all about understanding the science of meaningful relationships. It’s about understanding how to work with the differences between the way a man’s brain and a woman’s brain functions. Once you use the secrets to working WITH each gender, and their brain’s nature, success is there for your business.