How Gender Brain Chemistry™ Reduces Workplace Stress

Perhaps you recently heard about Gender Brain ScienceTM (GBS). This new brain knowledge can be considered a most intriguing discovery to naturally improve workplace stress.  Reduced workplace stress saves business owners and department managers time, money and frustration regarding effectively solving people problems.  Read this brief article about using gender-specific brain chemistry information to improve and reduce stress triggers at work.

Using Gender Brain Science™ can help avoid workplace stress

Have you ever tried doing something while extremely stressed? How was your overall performance doing this? Did you enjoy the experience? Well, using gender-specific brain chemistry knowledge can greatly impact a person’s stress level in a good way. So, having a good understanding of it will help you better manage situations and people you encounter while carrying on with your business.

Basically, women like to feel respected and that they are part of a team, as it increases their oxytocin. It is a brain thing.  So, never criticize them for WHO they are. When you do, they feel disrespected AND, their oxytocin levels take a hit. Oxytocin is the hormone of love, nurturing and bonding and it reduces stress in a woman. They need oxytocin to create a bond with you, your company and your customers.  Think about how this natural brain chemistry knowledge can improve customer relations and employee relations.

Comparatively, men like to feel like winners as it increases their testosterone.  Again, it is a hardwired, neurological, DNA brain thing.  So, never criticize them for their ACTIONS. Testosterone is all about action and it reduces stress in a man. If they feel like they can’t do anything right, their testosterone takes a hit.  And a man NEEDS testosterone to achieve goals.  Knowing and using this basic gender-specific brain chemistry knowledge can genuinely have a huge impact on your business for many stress-related reasons.

Brain chemistry for the workplace

When people feel safe, supported and respected in their workplace, stress levels are low.  Low stress levels show people feel happy in their work.  And, this genuine happiness behavior improves morale, improves employee retention rates, sustains employee loyalty and reduces employee pilfering.

Creating, nurturing and promoting a happy workplace saves businesses in many ways.  Employees submit fewer health insurance claims because they are healthier. They spend less time goofing off and more time focused on doing their work because they like doing their job.

Research already proves a person’s emotions can dramatically affect wellness.  When your employees work in a low stress environment, you naturally help them stay well, or, contribute to them recovering faster from illness.

When business owners and department managers respect and genuinely show appreciation for employees’ good work ethics, the business is more profitable.  When your business supports and acknowledges the value your employees provide by their contribution, you engage in natural wellness practices.  And those practices are best nurtured when business managers and owners use GBS with staff.

Working in a professional, safe and supportive workplace environment, brain chemistry works well for people.  When your employees have sufficient brain chemicals to do their jobs well, you are helping minimize any stress that could run the business down.

GBS can improve your relation with difficult clients or customers

Think about this… What will your business look like if you are always moody with your clients? What becomes of the business if you cannot deal with difficult clients? This also applies to your customer service department.  Happy employees equates to higher business profits and better communications with potential new and current customers.

Some customers can be such a pain that their every move drives you crazy. There simply exist in this amazing world some people who only feel comfortable being miserable.  But, if these people are also your customers, being unable to work with them may have grave consequences on your business.

Knowing how to effectively communicate with customers using Gender Brain Science™ helps sustain your business. And when you work with customers using natural brain chemistry knowledge, stress levels can remain in check a larger percentage of your time.

Gender Brain Science™ helps you naturally stay calm

Understanding and regular use of GBS will help you keep calm. It can also be used as a guide to compatibly work with difficult clients and customers using genuine care and respect. That of course will do your business a lot of good as some of these “crazy” clients could buy big from you.

GBS will not only improve your relationship with clients, it also can improve relationships with employees and co-workers. Sound interesting?  If so, contact Beverly to learn more.  It just might be one of the happiest things you’ve ever done to sustain your business.


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