Easy Key to Success™ Business Coaching

Easy Key to Success™ Business Coaching

Yes Attention! Are You Frustrated You Aren’t Getting Ahead Faster?
Do You Want More of a Competitive Edge?


From the desk of Beverly Taylor
Dear Friend,


Are you finding it difficult to get ahead more in business?

Is it difficult to figure out how to find that competitive edge that will skyrocket your success?

I understand how you feel!

As an employee in large corporations, I was so frustrated that I was either not treated well, or I had to change myself to act in ways that weren’t who I was!

So I left large business and became a small business owner. I became a Certified Hypnotist to help other people.

I felt the pain of my clients while helping them in many ways.


Remember being a part of history as you watched, via television and satellite, that July 20, 1969 moment, when Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon? It sent chills down my spine. Did it yours?

Rarely does any person get to be a part of history in the making… but what I’m about to offer you is just such an opportunity.

New brain research now reveals the secret to understanding the differences between the genders and creating truly compatible relationships. And this surprising, eye-popping, astounding information is already making a huge difference for people.

Dr. John Gray, world renown author of Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus fame and other behavior scientists and psychologists have discovered the secret to creating and maintaining compatible relationships that has implications….

  • For the workplace
  • For the business world
  • For your personal life

Are You a Man?

This course is for you.

Are You a Woman?

This course is for you.

After studying and being taught by Dr. Gray himself about the brain chemistry of personal relationships, I took my 18 year corporate and 16 year small business background to translate that to the business world. And I’m doing so in two programs I call Gender Brain ChemistryTM and Gender Brain ScienceTM. Using these science-based programs, people everywhere are enjoying…

  • improved workplace productivity
  • greatly reduced interpersonal stress
  • how to speak compatibly with each gender using words especially electrifying to the specific man and/or woman clients’ brain chemistry
  • how to improve marketing results by using brain chemistry strategies that attract and engage your ideal clients and customers
  • how to effectively engage clients so they see your offer’s true value and want to buy
  • how to maximize return on your marketing efforts by connecting with the right client in the way the client wants and needs to grab onto your specific marketing message
  • how to feel the excitement and thrill of creating trustworthy rapport with clients to become the most highly desired business in your area
  • how to be the receiver of brain chemistry secrets that skyrocket your popularity as a consultant way above your competition so clients love you!

Most importantly, this class will help you be successful in any relationship, especially with the opposite gender, and even yourself.

Imagine using new brain research that forever changes your life for the better! And, this information favorably affects virtually every aspect of your life!

Once people understand and regularly use Gender Brain ChemistryTM (GBC) and Gender Brain ScienceTM (GBS), life is simply better!

Be the one who helps to create compatible relationships and reduce stress. With reduced stress, lives are pricelessly better.

Men and women who live reduced stress…

  • become a more valuable asset at work due to being and staying healthy and well for more days in a calendar year
  • can think more clearly to make better decisions
  • help contribute consistently with better clarity to a workplace team
  • enjoy healthier relationships and thus improve their own wellness
  • enjoy happier business and personal relationships all by watching the opposite gender’s behavior, listening to what is said in communications and learning to say gender-specific language that supports, encourages and uplifts

People NEED to feel inspired and capable of living their dreams. Sometimes we say the wrong things to the opposite gender. We don’t MEAN to offend these people. With GBC and GBS, inadvertently offending others can now be a thing of the past.

Why can I teach this amount of information? It is as if my background custom made me for it. I worked in large to medium corporations for 18 years, implementing large computer systems for sales and marketing departments. I worked closely with the top sales and marketing people in companies such as Apple and Atari. I have owned my own small business for over 15 years. Then I studied with an eminent internet marketing guru for over ten years. With each of these, I learned marketing and sales psychology.

While working for large corporations for 18 years, I experienced my share of difficult and uncomfortable situations with misunderstandings between me and men. I won’t go into all of them, but I really wish that I had this information back then. I even might still be in corporations if the testosterone driven world hadn’t burned me out.

Can you imagine what it would be like to succeed faster in your life?

  • How would it feel to have the number of customers or clients you desire?
  • How would it feel to understand why your boss, colleague or customer talks to you the way he or she does?
  • How many more people could you help to have a better life? How would that feel?

Let me help you get the success you wish to have!

Topics in the Class may Include:
  • Who takes credit and who gives credit. Then, how to create success with both.
  • The difference between appreciation and respect and who needs which.
  • How four chemicals are different between men and women and how this changes everything!
  • Learn the basics of how Gender Brain Chemistry™ can help you be more successful with your marketing!
  • Plus much, much more!
This course is for you, whether you are a newbie or more advanced business person!

Actually, if you have any business, whether owner or employee, this will work for you. This course is excellent for health and wellness professionals, chiropractors, hypnotists, life coaches, plumbers, massage therapists, MLMers, therapists, electricians, fitness trainers, real estate professionals, dentists, and more!

The course will be customized to the students! You will get individual attention that will also be helpful for each other. This class fulfills this need.

What Will You Get?

Training is via teleclasses/webinars and written handouts, with ample personalized Q&A at the end of every training. At times, you may have homework to practice this in your life.

All classes are recorded and you will receive replay downloads. With these recordings and the ability to ask questions in advance via email, you can still take the course even if you aren’t available at the class hour.


Easy Key to Success™ Business Coaching

This is an ongoing group business coaching which teaches Gender Brain Science™. Students will learn many things, including why people think and act the way they do, how to connect with your audience and how to genuinely connect with them to create meaningful business relationships.

Each class will start with a training followed by Q&A. This class will be held 4 times a month, which is 48 times a year. Therefore, there will be 4 Thursdays in a year with no class.

Schedule: Once a week. These are 1 hour classes with additional Q&A so allow up to 2 hours.

Each class will start with a training followed by Q&A.


Schedule: Once a week, online. These are 1 hour classes with additional Q&A so allow up to 2 hours.

Easy Key to Success™ Business Coaching – Tuesdays from 12pm-2pm Pacific Time (3-5pmET). You will get replays, so you don’t have to be on the call.

Here’s a time converter:

Then for how much the investment is, I know that people have paid $1,000 a month for the same information. Normally I charge one person $250 an hour for this level of training.

But I wanted this to be accessible to many people. So then I thought, $397, or $297 per month.

Then I decided that I really want this to be accessible to the people who really need to increase their success. So I decided that the investment will be only $97 a month! I know this is a very low price for what you will receive. I don’t know how long I will be offering this price, so sign up today!

Sign up NOW! Get ready to bring more clients to you!


If you register before Class at midnight Eastern Time, use code 10%OFFGBSCLASS to get a 10% discount.

$97 a month for an ongoing course. Click this link to register now:

NOTE: As soon as you register (you will need to confirm if you are sent a confirmation email), you will begin receiving a few emails and the bonus.

The earlier you sign up, the earlier you begin to receive the bonus recording and other great information!

What Have Others Said?

“Being a male nurse in a predominately female profession presented many challenges for me. Gender Brain Chemistry™ knowledge would have made those challenges routine. It is an invaluable tool that enhances all relationships as it has enhanced mine since starting to learn it.”
Joe Alonzo

“Beverly, this information is really interesting. I’m already using it with prospects. It makes such good sense to talk to women in a different way than I talk with men clients and prospects. It finally makes connecting with clients easier than ever before for me. Thanks for offering this new brain research and showing us how to apply it to business.” Susan Fox

“I wish I had this information during the 18 years in straight commission sales. I would have made many more sales.” Kevin M.

“All I can say is, “Wow!” Learning and applying this new, scientific research has totally changed the way I interact with people – in a great way! Thank you, Beverly, for sharing such empowering information.” Marie B.

“I have learned so much from your classes Beverly! I’ve attracted new clients and am looking forward to this group. Again thank you for all that you do!” Christy Johnson

To Your Success!

Beverly Taylor

p.s. Go ahead and join our group. Just getting more business success will pay for the class! It can be THAT drastic of an improvement!

Easy Key to Success™ Business Coaching

If you register before class at midnight Eastern Time, use code 10%OFFGBSCLASS to get a 10% discount.

$97 a month for an ongoing course. Click this link to register now:

NOTE: As soon as you register (you will need to confirm if you are sent a confirmation email), you will begin receiving a few emails and the bonus.

Bonus You Will Receive Free When You Register: 30 minute audio recording all about Gender Brain Chemistry! – Value $197

Beverly Keyes Taylor is the Founder and CEO of Holistic Hub Marketing and the Easy Key to Life™ Institute, and is an award winning speaker, author, entrepreneur, consulting hypnotist, and wellness coach. Beverly worked in large and medium corporations for 18 years implementing sales and marketing computer software. For over 10 years she has been personally trained by Dr. John Gray, world renown author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the largest selling relationship author ever.