What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?


Perhaps you do well at the workplace or in business; however that does not always mean that at home your relationships are supportive or healthy. If you are either married or in a partnership, It is important that every once in a while you step back and really evaluate your relationship. The question to ask yourself is whether or not your relationships with others or with that specific person is healthy. Let’s look over the characteristics of a relationship that is healthy and you can make that call yourself!

  1. Do You Respect Each Other?

Actually showing respect is much more than simply putting on a caring act. When someone attempts to speak with you, is the way you listen to them non-judgmental? So you value their opinions, even if you do not necessarily share them? A great number of things encompass respect, however what it really requires is that you examine and understand the beliefs others have without trying to force your beliefs on them.

  1. Do You Trust and Support Each Other?

Trust and support are key factors in any relationship. Support is more than just stating that you support someone, what really counts is the actual act of caring and really being there. When you are in a relationship, even supporting your partner’s friends and allowing him or her to carry their own beliefs is respect.

  1. Are You Honest With Each Other?

One of the most important traits of any relationship is honesty. Everyone makes mistakes, however making light of something serious or covering things up is not the path toward solid ground. Many couples do fight however often the reason involves dishonesty or an unwillingness to be accommodating towards each other or even to be held accountable for actions of the past.

  1. Do You Share Life’s Responsibilities?

When you are in a partnership, the responsibilities should be distributed equally between both of you. This even includes simple chores around the home or simple cooking, however it also includes work that is more serious such as paying bills or parenting. In order for any relationship to be successful, both parties must be willing to share the tasks of life and give it their all.

  1. Are You Willing to Negotiate?

Compromise is something the every relationship must have however the problem here is that not every partnership is created equal. There are times in which a single person has to make all of the sacrifices which it seem as if the other enjoys a straightforward life. Of course, compromising on something should not mean that one party has to suffer or that both parties are left without. As a matter of fact, a healthy relationship is one in which both parties know how to meet each other halfway because many times, there are solutions which can be mutually satisfying.

There is nothing set in stone as to what a healthy relationship really is, however as long as you are being loyal, honest and providing each other with enough attention and integrity than you are on the right path. A lasting relationship is one that is worth having and saving, so maybe at the moment all of the above guidelines are not being met in your relationship, you can however work together to evolve.