How to Improve Your Relationship


If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, chances are the honeymoon phase is now a memory. You probably wish you could go back and experience those exciting feelings again. Well, guess what? You can! You can rekindle that old passion and fire by learning why people think and feel the way they do. With this key information, you’ll know how to improve your relationship.

Your Brain Chemistry Influences Your Relationship

Do you want to know the reason why you both behave the way you do? You’re just following your body’s chemistry. Men and women have different brain chemistries. This affects their feelings, and therefore, their relationships.

It’s easy to think your partner acts differently now because they’ve become lazy, disinterested or bored. But the truth is, brain chemistry is what determines a lot of your choices, behavior, though patterns and feelings. So, when you understand brain chemistry, you can learn how to improve your relationship, too.

Key Ideas When It Comes to Your Brain Chemistry

Knowing some key facts about this fascinating brain research is how to improve your relationship.

There are two main hormones you need to know about: oxytocin for women, and testosterone for men. These influence our sexuality, and they also influence how men and women react to stress. In short, the stress in your life, and your sex life are both closely related.

When a man is in the honeymoon phase, he is excited to provide, protect, chase and win over the woman. When a woman is in the honeymoon phase, she feels cared for, cherished, valued and more open. For both men and women, everyday stress isn’t such a big deal when they’re in the honey moon period.

Stress Interferes with Your Brain Chemistry

As your relationship progresses, it’s normal for passionate feelings to simmer down. When you return to your daily routine, all your former stress returns. This excessive stress affects brain chemistry, communication skills, and concentration abilities.

Stress makes you question your relationship, doubt your feelings, and wonder if you’re even attracted to your partner anymore. How does stress do this? By lowering your oxytocin (for women) and testosterone (for men). Without adequate amounts of these hormones, your relationship suffers.

You’ll wonder what went wrong. The truth is, nothing is wrong. You just need to replenish your hormones and balance your brain chemistry again.

How to Improve Your Relationship with Gender Brain Chemistry™

Too much stress changes your brain chemistry. It lowers a man’s testosterone levels, and a woman’s oxytocin levels. This decrease in hormones negatively impacts your relationship. For couples to exist in peace and harmony, our bodies must replenish oxytocin and testosterone daily. By doing this, you can revive the feelings of the honeymoon period in your relationship.

Simple solutions include diet, exercise, relationships, stress management, and hypnosis. Women can instantly boost oxytocin levels by talking with someone who listens and cares, in addition to helpful proteins (amino acids) and supplements.

Men can balance their brain chemistries with vitamins, protein (amino acids) and chromium as well as ionic plant source minerals. And these are only a few tips for how to improve your relationship.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. You can revive it when you introduce brain chemistry supporting actions into your daily life.