Improve Your Business by Knowing What Women Need


Business is still very much a man’s world even if more and more women are major players in businesses today. Despite the mix in the workplace, men and women continue to use language and concepts written from the male perspective. Unfortunately, this testosterone-driven approach isn’t very attractive to women. But you can improve your business and give it a competitive advantage over other businesses with Gender Brain Chemistry™. This new method shows you how to write for both men and women. Plus, you learn how to reach women in a more effective and considerate way.

What is Gender Brain Chemistry™?

This brand new method presents cutting edge research in a practical, usable way. It also shows you how you can improve your business based on the differences between male and female brains. Even though their chemistry is very similar, a small difference makes a huge impact. And knowing about this small difference can improve your business.

Men need testosterone; it helps reduce stress and promotes wellbeing. But women don’t need as much testosterone as men. Instead, the hormone they need to reduce stress and increase wellbeing is oxytocin – the love and bonding hormone. And since the business world already has a lot of testosterone, it’s important to know how to incorporate more oxytocin for women.

Improve Your Business by Recognizing Women’s Needs

Popular marketing often includes anything big, fast and action packed: cars, TV’s houses, money, sex, etc. It focuses on taking action, protecting, problem solving, achieving, being a hero, and saving the day. But these images and words don’t resonate with a woman. Why? Because they increase her testosterone – something she doesn’t need more of. Plus, they decrease oxytocin – something she probably doesn’t have enough of.

So, to give your business a competitive edge, use images and words that speak to a woman’s chemical needs. She’ll feel less stressed, more connected and able to trust you.

Incorporate More Oxytocin to Improve Your Business

Let’s explore some of the ways you can use language that supports women’s oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin is all about nurturing, bonding, caring, connecting, feeling and being. A woman increases oxytocin by tending and befriending. So, talking things over and sharing are excellent ways to raise oxytocin. By giving these words and concepts a place in your business, you can have more success with your female audience. Plus, it gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Remove the Shame Surrounding Women’s Hormonal Needs

Maybe it seems counterintuitive that you can increase business by resorting to the love and bonding hormone, oxytocin? That’s because women are often downgraded for being, well, women.

It’s easy to brush aside feelings by saying, “She’s emotional”, or, “She’s hormonal.” But emotions and hormones are neither good or bad. It’s simply how women experience life. Don’t be afraid to affirm a woman’s experience, or allow her to replenish oxytocin on her own terms. It might seem silly or shameful that women like gentle walks, massages, manicures, getting their hair done, and taking baths. But this is how a woman takes care of herself and rebalances her oxytocin levels.

As long as your audience is women (or mostly women), supporting oxytocin is a great way to improve your business and have a competitive edge in your market.