How To Improve Business Writing and Attract Dream Clients


Every successful business needs one very important thing: customers. Unfortunately, popular marketing doesn’t always attract your dream clients. So, if you’re someone who wants to know how to improve his or her business writing, try this amazing method. By implementing simple changes to your business writing, your company will grow.

How to Improve Business Writing with Gender Brain Chemistry™

When you write marketing copy for your site and/or business, you probably focus on increasing your traffic, subscribers and paying clients. But you can actually improve all of this by focusing on the men and women you write for instead. And Gender Brain Chemistry™ is an outstanding new method that helps you do just that.

Why Brain Chemistry Matters

Your brain chemistry plays a huge role in your daily life. It affects your moods, energy levels, and emotions. It influences your wellbeing, immune systems, stress, digestion and insomnia. As you can see, brain chemistry envelops much.  It also includes your decision-making, your actions, and your relationships (including the one with yourself). So, it’s safe to say that brain chemistry plays a role in your business, too!

Why Understanding Both Genders Is So Important

Gender Brain Chemistry™ looks at the big difference between the male and female brain. It gives you practical ways to put scientific information into action in an entertaining, engaging and interesting way. Brain chemistry affects everybody, and the difference between male and female brain chemistry is remarkable.

The male and female brain is 90% the same. There’s only a 10% difference. But that little 10% has a huge impact. And while many hormones are at play in the body, two hormones are important here: testosterone and oxytocin. Men need higher testosterone levels than women, and women need higher levels of oxytocin than men.  This helps both sexes respond to stress better. It also helps them feel like they’re thriving in this world.

Gender Brain Chemistry™ to Improve Your Business Writing

Since the brain chemistry between men and women is different, effective writing honors that difference. So, how do you improve business writing with Gender Brain Chemistry™? If you write to men, use words that increase testosterone. Men need their actions acknowledged, and to feel challenged (in a good way) as this increases their testosterone. Conversely, if your audience is women, support their oxytocin levels. Women want their being acknowledged and to feel connected.

For example, testosterone loves challenges, competition, and problem-solving. In this case, effective words to use include: save, lay the trail, blow the competition away, bring it on, call to action, challenge, cold hard cash, cutting edge, decisive, demand, discover, and any martial arts or sports metaphor.

On the other hand, women relate to writing that helps them feel connected, respected and honored. Oxytocin is all about caring, nurturing, validation of feelings and inspiration. So, you can use the following words in your business writing for women: bonding, nurturing, insight, integrate and understand. Ideas of sameness and spirituality also raise oxytocin. Furthermore, words like relationships, interaction, loyalty, trust and rapport are perfect, too.

So, if you want to find out how to improve business writing, connect with Beverly today, and discover more about Gender Brain Chemistry™.