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How to Improve Sales Using Gender Brain Chemistry™ | Easy Key to Success with Brain Science

How to Improve Sales Using Gender Brain Chemistry™


Welcome to another installment of Gender Brain Chemistry™, and a means for getting back your sales self-confidence. For sales professionals it seems making and closing deals has become more difficult. You’ve been there before, you know how to sell, and you’ve nurtured your target audience.


You’ve done your sales homework, yet sales seem to have tapered off or fallen, and you desire a competitive edge. I’ve written this before, I’m writing it again, Gender Brain Chemistry™ is a scientifically supported means for improving sales and connections with your target audience and engaging new potential customers.


Scientifically supported means gender chemistry has been researched and the results give us a better understanding of communication, gender traits, and personal or business relationships. Use this knowledge to improve sales.


Support Their Chemistry

I think back to the marketing of products when I was growing up in the 1960’s, the Gender Brain Chemistry™ of marketing strategy of that time was unheard of. I should note we have created and live in a male dominant society, the result of a natural evolutionary process from our hunter and gatherer history.


Men hunted, women gathered, and these roles influenced human gender chemistry evolution. The focus for our purposes here is on four chemicals, the hormone testosterone and neurotransmitter dopamine in men and the hormone oxytocin and neurotransmitter serotonin in women.


How these chemicals affect men and women is at the foundation of the pioneering research mentioned here. The chemical effect is also the foundation for improving your sales success. Back to when I was growing up and how the chemistry works.


One oil company marketed their oil additive as “the racer’s edge.” This was very successful marketing for two reasons. One, the wording supports male brain chemistry, and two, we live in a male dominant society. In the 1960’s, fast cars with big powerful engines were very popular.


Racers were all men who are driven by the hormone testosterone. Fast cars with big powerful engines support and increase testosterone levels in the brain. Having an edge, in the mind of a man, means their chance of being the fastest racer is increased. Testosterone drives men to be the best.


When men succeed at being the best, they increase and support chemical brain levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes them feel good. Now imagine how a successful sales margin would have increased if the oil company had marketed to both men and women.


We most likely would have seen women arrive on the professional racing scene much earlier as well as improving sales. I searched my memory for an example of a marketing sales strategy from the 1960’s which unknowingly supported female brain chemistry. I chose the following example.


A toy company developed and marketed the first talking doll and named her “Chatty” Cathy. The doll was of course marketed to young girls and it encouraged dialogue between the doll and doll owner as well as other doll owners. Interestingly, it was usually the child’s mother making the purchase of the doll.


Note that in our hunter and gatherer history women gathered many things for the community or clan. Women gathered other women for the purpose of talking and exchanging information which ultimately benefitted the entire community. Talking and sharing is one way female brain chemistry is supported.


“Chatty” Cathy encouraged young females to gather and share their doll experience.  This not only supported the hormone oxytocin and the neurotransmitter serotonin production and release in young girls, but in mothers as well. Mothers contributed to the talking and sharing process through their purchases of the doll.


Nurturing the development of their daughters also supported mother’s brain chemistry as part of the talking, nurturing, and sharing which supports female chemistry. When fathers purchased the doll, they supported male brain chemistry by being a good provider for their family.


Implications for Improving Sales

Knowledge and understanding of Gender Brain Chemistry™ is a very powerful tool when applied to the principles of gender chemistry support. My name is Beverly Taylor and I can teach and help you to make gender chemistry work for you. Visit me at https://easykeytosuccess.com for more information.













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