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Improving Service to Your Customers | Easy Key to Success with Brain Science

Improving Service to Your Customers


Cave men and customer service might be separated by tens of thousands of years, but they actually have a lot in common. Even though societies undergo enormous shifts and changes over the millennia, the human brain is hardwired in a certain way. By understanding this constant factor, you can start improving service to your customers today.

Gender Brain Science™ Reveals Amazing Information

Gender Brain Science™ is a brand new system. It looks at the difference between men and women’s brain chemistry to help people improve their relationships, both personal and business. When you understand that the male and female brain is hardwired in a very specific way, you understand people’s behavior better.

You can even start improving service to your customers by creating reasonable expectations, effective suggestions and meaningful communication.

Hunters, Gatherers and Gender Brain Science™

Humans only became farmers during the last 10,000 years. This isn’t much for evolution. That means our brains are still wired as hunters and gatherers.

For men to be effective and successful hunters, they had to keep a strong, single focus while hunting. Emotions don’t help them to fight, run and compete. In fact, being too emotional is a huge disadvantage.

Their ample stores of testosterone allow men to act with this single focus. And when men finish acting (as hunters), it’s important for them to rest so they can replenish their exhausted testosterone stores. Without testosterone, men feel stress and lose this strong, single focus.

Women, on the other hand, need their emotions to act as effective and successful nurturers. They have to be aware of everyone’s needs, and their emotional nature allows them to constantly give, care and get things done.

With all this multitasking, women can empty their oxytocin levels, and this leads to to increased stress and tension.

What does this have to do with improving service to your customers? Quite a lot!

Improving Service by Respecting How Men and Women Focus

Men are still hunters and women are still gatherers/nurturers. The hardwired brain chemistry still drives each gender to think and act in ways very much like our ancestors.

For example, men are still driven by a single focus. They like to compete and to get the job done by coming up with viable solutions. What’s more, they love when people acknowledge their efforts and actions.

All these actions use up testosterone. And when you acknowledge their actions, you can replenish their testosterone stores.

Women are still multitaskers today, and while they appreciate it when you acknowledge everything they do, there’s something else that truly resonates with them.

Women love when you acknowledge and value who they are. This helps to restore their oxytocin levels. This acknowledgment also makes them feel connected, valued and all around better about themselves.

Customer Service Should Serve Brain Chemistry Needs

When serving male customers, remember that men operate best when they’re given a single focus and encouraged to obtain and achieve that goal. Use urgent call-to-actions and offer solutions that will help them get the job done. This taps into their testosterone-driven brain chemistry and resonates with their innate hunter.

With women, remember that they like to act, too, but it’s also important for women to feel valued and cared for. This increases their oxytocin and makes them trust you. Invite them to act, but also acknowledge their emotions and feelings while doing so. This will speak to their inner gatherer.

By remembering our hardwired nature as hunters and gatherers, you can start improving service to customers by serving their brain chemistry needs.

Would you like to learn more? Contact Beverly at Beverly@EasyKeyToSuccess.com

Listen to an introduction of Gender Brain Chemistry™

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