Learn Why It Is Important To Manage Stress In Life

Not all stress in life is actually bad stress. Acute stress of present situations, such as deadlines and emergencies, can actually get adrenaline to kick in. A person’s energy, response time, focus, and overall ability are all enhanced, giving them what they need to deal with a situation. In many cases, a stress can be a positive, as things like weightlifting and bodybuilding are very much stressing to muscles, in order to get them to grow. However, too much stress, and especially chronic stress over time, become very negative things.

Stress that is not dealt with impacts a person’s health, and in very negative ways. Fatigue eats away at what was once stamina and vigor, and a lack of confidence begins gnawing at self-esteem, as a person keeps thinking about how they could have handled something better or that they did not handle it all. A person can start adopting a combative and even defensive viewpoint in life that focuses more on their problems than what they have to be grateful for, and so they stop smiling and laughing so much, possibly even cutting back on their contact and time with people around them. The person may even become depressed.

The impact of stress goes far beyond the mind though, as it has tremendous impact on the human body, and sometimes this even happens before it wears down on the mind. A stressed body wants to eat and sleep more often. Blood pressure goes up, and skin breakouts happen. The immune system is weakened so the person is more susceptible to illness, and extreme cases can lead to panic and anxiety attacks, and even disorientation and unconsciousness. Chronic stress over the course of years accelerates the aging process and truly wears down a person’s health.

Physical deterioration can either trigger or compound any effect stress has on the mind and personality leading to situations like depression, substance abuse, and even suicidal thoughts and behavior in extreme cases.

So, as is obvious, stress has to be managed in order to preserve the health and wellness of a person, so that life can be enjoyed. Of course, stress management is actually necessary just to survive most days in life as it is.

Just getting out of bed in the morning means facing decisions like what to wear, what to have for breakfast, and then how to spend your day, if it’s not already decided by obligations to work or other people. Having to show up for work, get groceries, take kids here and there, and keep up with a social schedule all can zap energy and focus. Even things that are considered fun and enjoyable can take a lot out of a person.

The 24/7 nature of modern society where everyone is always tuned in and plugged in does not help, as constant Internet use can lead to anxiety and inability to sleep or sleep well. Finding ways to decompress and let go of negative energy is important, and taking time to one’s self is critical.

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