Learning To Understand Members Of The Opposite Sex


Do men tend to enjoy big to-dos like baby showers? You’re likely thinking to yourself…no, they rarely do! So, why is that? The number one reason ultimately comes down to how men are wired mentally. By the same token, there aren’t quite as many women that are into pouring hours and hours playing a marine sniper based action simulator for recreation. The same reason is at play. While there aren’t any hard rules, it seems the common state for most females is to lack the preference for such things. While only 10% of our brains are different by gender, those differences affect us a lot so it’s important to learn to understand the members of the opposite sex.

Many people take it for granted, but there are key differences in the way the male and female brains are designed. To really get along with someone of the opposite sex, you have to recognize this and learn to respect it at all times. You can get started by following these basic guidelines:

1 – Accept The Differences Of The Genders’ Minds And Work With Them

Rather than look at any of the differences between men and women as a negative, simply take them as they are and go from there. Focus on the positive and what you like about the opposite gender rather than allowing yourself to take a negative stance. You’ll become much more flexible and agreeable this way.

2 – Work Towards Happiness In Your Relationship

You should always work to make your partner feel loved and accepted. Work on building your relationship with enough give and take that you can both be happy. Don’t try to criticize so harshly or become argumentative. Build your relationship on understanding, patience, and forgiveness. You will be able to co-exist much more peacefully this way. Always keep the best aspects of your partner in mind. You don’t have to praise them slavishly, but never allow yourself to take their best traits for granted. The differences between the two sexes don’t have to make for an all-out war. Variety, as they say, is the “spice of life”.

3 – Respect Your Partner’s Boundaries

If your partner is feeling exhausted, overworked, or frustrated, allow them to have space. It’s not a good idea to try goading them into doing any particular activity with you, especially those that are emotionally and physically demanding like sex. It’s okay to focus more on allowing your partner to relax and recharge. Everyone needs that from time to time. Try to facilitate the reduction of their stress as much as you possibly can. This is especially true if you’re the male in the relationship. Women rely greatly upon the release of oxytocin to feel at peace, and any sort of push-back in times when they just want to rest up will only lead to the opposite effect. Try to be as caring as possible, and sensitive to her needs so when she is stressed, show her caring, not sex.

4 – Understand That Every Type of Experience Is Processed Differently

To some extent, the male and female brains experience life in different ways. Never challenge your partner on how they feel about any particular activity or decision. You might come across as a bully instead. You need to respect how your partner feels, and work with them to find a common ground at all times.