How to Love Being a Business Success


Being a business success is all about connecting with people.  When people love your product or service, you’ve really connected.  But men and women connect differently to their market.  And those connections occur largely because of the differences in the male brain compared with a female brain.

For example, the largest population of men can naturally compartmentalize their life.  Most men naturally divide their thoughts into sections or categories and think only within that section at a given moment.  Being able to focus this way, helps him be successful achieving goals.  When you achieve the goals you set out to achieve, you feel like a business success.

But a woman’s brain is designed differently from a man’s brain.  If a man asked her to try to compartmentalize her life, she’d look at him like he was crazy.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to understand the concept, it’s that she CAN’T do it.  Why?

Because her brain is hardwired differently than the male brain.

But, she’s got skills a male CAN’T do, too.  And when you really understand how to effectively and meaningfully connect with both genders, you learn that being a business success is something you love doing! By reading this entire blog post, you’ll learn more about both genders so you, too can connect with all your customers more effectively.

Talking again about the female’s brain, her brain has more connective tissue than the male brain. The female brain can therefore multitask better than a male. This multitasking ability helps her be a business success.

Here’s something else…

Many women are able to learn to focus deeply…

How do they do it?

Great question. This is where knowing brain chemistry comes into play.  The natural chemicals in the human body affect us in our thinking and behaviors.  When we communicate with each other, our behavior can give us clues as to what’s happening in our chemistry.

Do you run a business?  Work in customer service?  Looking to make the workplace more productive?  It is all affected by the brain chemistry of your customers/clients and workplace counterparts.  And, when you step back and listen, without interrupting, to the males and females in your life, you connect on an entirely chemical level.

You can use this knowledge to more deeply connect with others and improve all your relationships…even your interpersonal ones with family and friends.

Focus and compartmentalizing are different, although similar abilities. The ability to focus requires both genders to use the neurotransmitter dopamine. Women typically have available for use stores of dopamine.  So, staying focused may be easier for them compared with men.  Men typically use their dopamine reserves up and usually require more.

By moving his muscles or when experiencing situations that greatly stress a man’s body (or some other situations such as drug addiction or other dopamine-depleting instances), he uses up his dopamine supply.

When a woman is stressed, overwhelmed by what’s happening around her, she uses up her serotonin and oxytocin. Stress both creates and results from low oxytocin for a woman, while overwhelm is a result of low serotonin. What can you do to help a woman naturally build up her serotonin stores? Reassure her and let her know you respect her for who she is.  Let her talk about it while you listen so that she feels heard. When she feels respected, even when things seem to be chaotic, she can handle the situation better.  And, that is better for everyone involved.

The specific ability to compartmentalize is more like having the ability to close the door on thinking about any other thought.  While women can focus, she will also have thoughts every so often about other issues simultaneously going on…more so if another situation has high emotion. In summary, women can focus well typically by having enough dopamine, but can’t compartmentalize as easily that men can.

How Can Knowledge About Brain Chemistry Help You Be A Business Success?

Using current brain chemistry research regarding dopamine and serotonin, think about people running their business.  Most people who try to build an online business can’t focus deeply enough on the right things for sustained development to occur.  That leads you to wonder how are people using up their brain chemicals and what can be done naturally to change things?

Well, it begins by making positive attitude a lifestyle choice.  And, it also includes engaging in nutrition-rich eating habits. There are simple solutions to connecting better to be a business success.  It takes an understanding of Gender Brain Chemistry™.  Contact us today for more information on how you can use this knowledge to develop and keep lasting business relationships in your world.