How Men and Women Can Work Compatibly Respecting Brain Chemistry Differences

Joan liked working at a big corporation using her organizational, research and administrative assistant skills. The workplace environment felt respectful and supportive to her. The staff, for the most part, cooperated with each other. Joan liked that. However, Joan mistrusted her boss’s boss, Ben who used people and played office politics. He would spontaneously appear in an office and make people feel like he was checking on them. He would say he appreciated their work but never rewarded their productive behavior. Ben’s shallow behavior created an air of mistrust between Ben and his employees. Men and women can work compatibly when they know how. Now here’s the brain chemistry of this scenario.

A Female’s Brain Innately Craves Oxytocin

Joan’s female brain nature innately craves oxytocin. Oxytocin for a woman causes her to feel happy and satisfied. Oxytocin gives a woman a feeling of well-being and reduces her stress. In many office environments, a feeling of well-being, calm and low stress can actually improve profits for the company. How? If a woman feels happy, she works better. Thus, the potential for an office to experience improved profits when the women feel happy.

A Respectful Feeling Increases Joan’s Oxytocin

What increases Joan’s oxytocin in this job scenario is the feeling of respect, a supportive work environment and the co-workers cooperatively working together. What decreases oxytocin for Joan are testosterone-driven activities such as playing politics, anything aggressively competitive, conflict and mistrust. Ben would have done something to increase Joan’s oxytocin by showing genuine caring instead of spouting out an empty compliment.

But Ben as a man is driven by testosterone. So, saying something to intentionally increase oxytocin in Joan’s brain probably never occurred to him. But he can learn how to do this and actually contribute to increasing company employee work productivity.

Bosses Can Discover and Use The Compatibility Secrets Found within Brain Chemistry to Improve Profits and Employee Productivity

When Ben learns to work with the nature of the humans’ brain chemistry, he can develop meaningful relationships with his employees that directly benefits all involved.

Ben saying, “I appreciate you doing a good job,” is especially good for men to hear. Men feeling genuinely appreciated, for what they do is important to a man as it increases his testosterone. And, a woman likes to hear she’s appreciated, too, but in a different way. A woman likes to hear a boss say he or she genuinely respects her for who she is rather than hear he appreciates what she does. This is an important difference for bosses to note when interacting with female compared with male employees.

What greatly increases oxytocin for a woman is a person expressing his respect for who she is rather than telling her he appreciates what she has done. So, in this scenario, for Ben to say something that would raise Joan’s oxytocin, he would say something like, “Gee, Joan, I really respect how you are an incredible employee with wonderful writing abilities. You just intuit exactly what I need done and you do it. You really care about our team here and it shows. Thanks so much for all your contributions.”

Men and Women Can Work Compatibly When They Know How!

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