Every couple wants to have a lifetime of love, passion, and desire with their partner. These are simple wishes, but with the divorce rate still relatively high new solutions have to be found to keep families together. It all starts with couples and their understanding of relationship brain chemistry.

Will learning this take a bite out of your pocketbook? I’m here to show you that it won’t. In fact, learning to become ever more compatible with your loved one is so simple that even a Neanderthal can do it. In this article, I’ll provide you with a brief guide that lets you understand the opposite sex like never before.

There are lots of things that can cause a divorce, but money woes, incompatibility, and irreconcilable differences don’t. Put it this way, what causes divorce is stress. It is how we deal with that stress that is usually to blame.

Love and Stress Don’t Mix

You can’t feel romantic when you are uptight, tense or feeling overwhelmed. If you want to remain blissful in your relationship you must reduce stress in your life. You cannot win this war unless you have the right ammunition and that comes in the form of knowledge. This will load all your weapons so you can defeat the daily stresses in your life.

It Begins in The Brain

For millions of years, men and women have evolved into becoming hardwired to deal with stress differently. The ways in which we both react to and handle stress are the result of the biochemical and neurological reactions that occur inside us. You don’t need a college degree in brain chemistry to understand this. It comes down to hormones, basically. These affect our growth, development, moods and energy.

The Red-Alert Hormones

These are adrenaline and cortisol which are secreted by the adrenal glands when faced with outside stress. These hormones deplete our supply of feel-good hormones. For men, it is testosterone and for women, it is oxytocin.

The red-alert hormones have a huge and important part to play in our survival but long-term stress causes the body to have problems dealing with their continuous release. They can adversely affect our overall health by causing anxiety and depression. When we learn how to maintain healthy levels of feel-good emotions in the body we can stay healthier and less stressed.

  • Oxytocin for a woman can be stimulated by showing you care. Give her a note that says I love you or invite her for a romantic walk.
  • Support her and listen to her without suggesting any solutions. This is a huge oxytocin producing gesture for your woman.
  • For your man, you can boost his testosterone levels by accepting him, showing him trust and acceptance. This will be returned in the form of much more passion.
  • Allow him to do things alone. Praise him for the things he accomplishes. Both increase his testosterone and will result in you both enjoying more pleasure.

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