Abundance And The Art Of Giving

The art of abundance is discovering the provision in what is right before you, seeing the hand of God already affording you what you need, minute by minute. Then sharing the abundant blessings God has presented with others. And finishing the circle of giving by praising the One who gave the gifts for us to savor.

Abundance And The Art Of Giving

The More You Give, The More You Will Receive!

Abundance is bigger than the personal question of who we are and what we wish to do. In order to achieve anything, we need to be in living exchange with other people, as clearly as we are dependent upon so many individuals when we sit down to a meal – including the farmers, cooks, and the servers.

What Is This Concept Of Abundance
Before we get down to discussing Abundance, let us be clear-cut about what Abundance isn’t. Abundance isn’t the final result of a Faustian pact to accomplish personal grandness. Such pursuits are, as a matter of fact, often prompted by feelings of inadequateness.

Abundance isn’t about running around and trying to score as many points as imaginable before the game ends. It isn’t a race to ascertain how much you are able to get done in a week, or in an ambitious 5 year plan. Abundance is neither about the assemblage of goods; nor is it the unrealistic renouncement of material comforts. Abundance isn’t about finding a way to simply become comfortable- a safe way to stay halfhearted.

Fundamentally, true abundance is freedom. It’s rudimentary wellbeing, a fulfillment that isn‘t dependent upon outside circumstances. Abundance is finding out how to trust in life. Its realism lived fullybeing conscious, present, and whole. Consequently, the quality of your attention is the actual measure of abundance and it’s your largest capital asset in any state of affairs.

What we come to comprehend and affirm is that even through the hardest conditions of life, abundant beauty and affluence may be found. It’s our trust in the goodness and wiseness of things that lets us work our way through life‘s blackest instants.

In that way, abundance is as well faith in the common goodness of life. It’s stating ―yes‖ to all that we can know of life-including the miserable circumstances that surrounds us. It’s also stating ―yes‖ tothat which we don’t understand, to open and take on the unknown with goodwill.

A sensation of Abundance affords us the freedom to take part fully in or lives by doing what we can to attend to other people. If we don’t ourselves feel rich, how may we contribute to other people what has been afforded to us?

In that way, Abundance turns into the rainbow beaming through the storm, the promise of our inspired destiny.

Our exchange with other people is of the essence to our life‘s work and this sense of communion, of giving and getting is among the central reasons for our desire to manifest in this domain.

By turning conscious of the relational views of manifestation, we go on the far side of egocentric want and undergo the desire to step-up our possibilities for love and for awakening the experience of joy in our association with other people.

Therefore, abundance is found in the present moment, in our every day doings. When we honor the details of the life we have been afforded, we detect mines full of the most cherished materials, the divine substance that’s revealed through the sharing of our being with everything and everybody.

Conscious careers start with abundance; an intuitive feeling of trust in life, self-respect, and the value of being who you are in the cosmos. What do you do easily, by nature, effortlessly? Real, powerful positions can be accomplished through scarcity (the feeling that I’m not enough or that I don’t have enough), but they take one away from one‘s genuineness. What profits a man who’s gained the whole world?


Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
What Is Abundance
Chapter 2:
Passions Place In Abundance
Chapter 3:
Direction Is Required For Abundance
Chapter 4:
The Importance Of Giving
Chapter 5:
Karma and Abundance-What Is It?
Chapter 6:
The Art Of Giving
Chapter 7:
The Rules Of Giving For Abundance
Chapter 8:
What You Give Yourself When You Give To Others
Chapter 9:
I have Nothing To Give
Chapter 10:
Pay It Forward

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