Revive the Honeymoon Period Video & Audio Program

Revive the Honeymoon Period Video & Audio Program

Want to Feel Renewed Passion in Your Romantic Relationship?

Have you been wondering why it seems the love you once shared wore off between each other?

Did love seem to fade as the newness of the relationship faded?

Are you going to let your life together die a slow, boring, pathetic death

OR, are you going to do something about it?

There’s Hope!
Revive the Honeymoon Period!

Couples can go from this:

To this:

Dear Friend,

Are you in a long term relationship? Do you feel like you and your partner haves lost touch with those loving feelings so present during your dating days? Would you like to feel the return of the loving bond you felt in those early dating days? Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

There’s Hope!

If you’ve been in a relationship for more than two years, perhaps it seems there is something that invisibly happened. Yes, there are actual chemical changes as relationships grow. But, you can work with this natural chemical event and do it without resorting to using drugs.

Brain research confirms that the hormones involved in a new-found love relationship changes as time passes. Due to being used to each other and chemical body changes a person’s levels of a neurotransmitter called dopamine reduce. With reduced dopamine for him, each one is no longer as excited in the relationship as each was when you were first dating.

You see, when things are exciting and new, it naturally helps replenish dopamine stores. When dopamine is replenished, you feels excited again, similar to when you were dating. But since you both know each other very well, the “different and new” part of your relationship has gone into hibernation.

But it doesn’t have to. This new program called Revive the Honeymoon Period in Your Relationship helps you learn natural ways to replenish dopamine and other chemicals the both of your need for a revived relationship.

Learn the most important brain chemical that will make sure your relationship continues to the end of your lives.

This brain research reveals simple ways you can bring back that honeymoon feeling again. I hope you’re getting excited because this scientific discovery is saving relationships and helping couples feel happier again.

When we are in love, we feel excited and on top of the world. Chemically, there are things invisibly going on in both of you. For example, providing for a love interest boosts a specific hormone (testosterone) for a man. Being taken care of and cared for provides a different hormone (oxytocin) boost for a woman.

These hormones are usually more plentiful in the beginning of a relationship. When these natural body chemicals are in sufficient supply, the stresses in our lives generally may seem less important. When the couple begins to feel more comfortable with each other, the hormone levels decrease. Stress begins to rise and the honeymoon is over.

Did you know there are natural ways a man can raise his testosterone and a woman can raise her oxytocin? It’s awesome!

By following some simple guidelines, that’s exactly what you and your longtime partner can do to improve the happiness in your relationship. It can actually be something as simple as letting him de-stress by giving him time to recharge his testosterone levels. What does he need to do for that to happen?

A mindless yet relaxing activity for about 20 minutes. This one activity can naturally support your relationship. How? The mindless yet relaxing activity replenishes his testosterone.

What about the woman in the relationship?

Since there are differences in the ways a man’s brain and a woman’s brain process their lives, the woman needs to do something different from what her male partner needs to do. She needs to feel she is respected and accepted as lovable for who she are. Coincidentally, after the male partner has time to replenish his testosterone supplies, he will feel ready to be there for her. When she feels like he genuinely hears what’s important to her, she naturally replenishes her brain chemistry.

Has your romantic relationship felt like there’s no way out of the suffering and misery? Do your family and friends tell you to just stop the madness and leave each other? Do you wish there was a way you could save your relationship even though it just seems impossible? Well, the good news is, there IS something you can do. I know you can bring excitement and passion back into your marriage or relationship again. It simply takes knowing what to do differently and choosing to do it!

Why am I writing this?

Because I’ve been where you are now. I’ve been in relationships I thought were genuinely happy ones only to be very disappointed when they ended. I wanted to find a real solution to disappointing relationships. So, I started researching how other people find true relationship happiness. And I found a real answer that gives consistent success when it comes to being in a genuinely happy romantic relationship.

Who am I? I’m Beverly Taylor, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Success Coach. I have worked with clients who had relationship problems, depression, loneliness issues, fears, and more. I also worked with perhaps my most important client: me. The turning point for me came when I met a psychologist named Dr. John Gray.

Dr. John Gray of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus fame taught me the most intriguing information about how brain chemicals affect human behavior. Understanding and working with the nature of each of several brain chemicals and neurotransmitters reveals the secret to happy relationships between men and women.

Dr. Louann Brizendine teaches in her book, The Female Brain, that the human brain functions 90% the same in both sexes. She revealed to me that the 10% difference contains the secret to happy relationships between men and women.

After learning the information I learned from John, I continued to research and study this fascinating topic. I have used this research I learned from John and other researchers and mentors for more than 10 years now.

Be a Part of History

Remember being a part of history as you watched, via television and satellite, that July 20, 1969 moment, when Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon? It sent chills down my spine. Did it yours?

Rarely does any person get to be a part of history in the making… but what I’m about to offer you regarding igniting the honeymoon period back into your relationship is just such an opportunity.

Brain research reveals the secret to understanding the differences between the genders and the way we connect with each other. In my audio and video program How to Revitalize The Honeymoon Period in Your Relationship, you’ll learn about the differences between how men and women communicate. Knowing and using knowledge about these differences affects how both sexes handle stress differently.

When you use this knowledge in your relationship, you decrease stress and improve communication. These improvements revitalize the honeymoon period in your relationship.

Maybe you simply want things to be more compatible between the two of you. This program reveals how to be more compatible with your long time partner and be happier with each other the way you are.

This surprising, eye-popping, astounding information is already making a huge difference for people. You can use this information for your…

  • Personal life
  • Business life
  • Peace of mind
  • Body and its wellness

This Information Will Change Your Life!

Are You a Man?

This program is for you.

Are You a Woman?

This program is for you.

After studying and being taught by Dr. Gray himself about the brain chemistry of relationships, I took hypnotism and brain research background to translate that to the world of relationships, stress and wellness. The How to Revitalize The Honeymoon Period in Your Relationship program contains information to help your longtime relationship in so many ways including…

  • Knowledge of how brain chemicals really drive our thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Gentle techniques that give hope and make a difference
  • Understanding how brain chemicals can be affected by nutrition, thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Science based guided meditations that help you release the negativity

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel better and succeed in your relationship?

  • How would it feel to have highly compatible personal relationships?
  • How would it feel to have great work relationships?
  • How would it feel to be calm and content?
  • How would it feel to understand why your brain chemicals work the way they do (and to understand this information in a practical, simple way)?
  • How would it feel to get more done without depression sapping your energy?
  • How would it feel to have a better life?

Let me help you get the relationship success you wish to have!

This training is for anyone, but is focused toward people in a relationship (married or not).

Download our course:

Revive the Honeymoon Period in Your Relationship

Get a copy of this program today. Feeling blue about your relationship? This program helps you feel CCheer:

  • Calmness
  • Comfort
  • Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Everything’s going to be ok
  • Relaxed

Keep the excitement in your relationship! 

Rediscover the secrets to restoring the sizzle and joy. 

In this Easy Key to Relationships Program, you can:

  • Discover simple tips to feel confidently compatible with your partner
  • Uncover practical guidelines to put the friendship back in your relationship
  • Take advantage of romantic insights so you can rediscover your best friend all over again
  • Become aware of what your partnership needs to feel deeply connected to your partner
  • Be the receiver of relationship secrets that build a lasting, trusting, giving partnership you’ll both love!

What Will You Get in this Recorded Program?

  • Secrets to understanding the differences between the two of you and how to work with those differences
  • Keyword phrases to say to each other to your conversations are more fulfilling and happy
  • Simple exercises that will bring your closer together
  • Written handout that is a companion to the 4 recorded sessions of the program
  • Audio and video recorded sessions
  • Powerpoint slides used in the webinar trainings

What’s In The Revive the Honeymoon Course

How To Start A New Business

  • 4 video and audio recordings of the class, with the PowerPoint slides in PDF, which is 4 hours of training.
  • Simple exercises that will bring you closer together
  • Written handout that is a companion to the 4 recorded sessions of the program
  • Cheat sheet containing the exact dialog to remember when communicating with your partner
  • Basic Brain Chemistry information pertinent for improvement
  • Techniques for talking with others, coping, stress relief, depression relief, etc.
  • Basic brain function information that’s useful to know
  • Nutrition information to support optimal brain chemistry
  • Bonus Guided Meditation

Then, regarding your class investment, I know that people have paid $450 a month for the same information. Normally I charge one person $90 an hour for this level of training.

But I wanted this to be accessible to many people. So then I thought, $397, or $297

Then I decided that I really want this to be accessible to the people who really need to increase their success. So, I decided that the investment will be only $37 for the audio program! I know this is a very low price for what you will receive. I don’t know how long I will be offering this price, so get your copy today!

Reserve a copy for yourself right now and start enjoying a happier, more compatible relationship often within the first 60 minutes of using the material.

$37 for the training. Click this button to download now:

What Others Have Said

Thank you Beverly for your informative course  “Revive the Honeymoon Period in your Relationship”. I  learned that if you want a happy life it is important to put your time, energy and focus in to improving your relationships. I see this not only as a course in  improving relationships but combining a spiritual course as well.  How to open your eyes to serve your higher purpose and much, much more. 

Before your course I never focused or realized how important brain chemistry is and how the completely different chemical makeup of men and women affect relationships. When you understand this and finally “get it”, you can make a huge difference in your relationship while healing yourself and getting your power back. Who would not want that?  Always appreciate and show thanks for what you do have and like you said in your seminar “Don’t sweat the small stuff” or you say “Oh Well”. This certainly keeps life in perspective. 

I can truly say I have learned so much ABOUT MYSELF from your course. I have been married for over 40 years and have finally let all the unimportant “dumb stuff” go. What a blessing!  My hope would be that younger couples learn this early in their relationships to make for a very happy life. 

Thank you again,
Laurie S. 

I like the way you broke down everything into simple ideas before you even talked about relationships.  For example, the chemistry of a person and why things happen.  It opened my eyes to a different perspective about relationships and how men act and how women act.  I never thought about seeing life this way, that women think and act so differently from men.  Thank you, Beverly. Lui R.

Beverly’s class was like Bill Nye, but for the brain. I learned a lot with regards to how situations affect people because of what it does to them chemically. What is the underlying cause to reactions and how it will then affect your mood and responses… Certainly a very different take onto how relationships in general work! I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in understanding how the mind works better and things that can be done to improve any sort of relationship.
Mark G.


NOTE: As soon as you register (you will need to confirm if you are sent a confirmation email), you will begin receiving a few emails and a bonus guided meditation “Release and Relax” downloadable mp3. As it is a guided meditation, don’t listen to it while operating heavy machinery, such as a car. It’s best to listen to it with your eyes closed in a distraction free location.

Nothing in this program is meant to be considered medical, psychological or nutritional advice. Contact those professionals for that type of advice. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, which is not a licensed profession. This website, information and training contains only educational content for wellness.

To Your Success!

Beverly Taylor

p.s. Go ahead and get a copy of this life changing program today. Be a part of creating a better life for yourself.

Beverly Keyes Taylor is the Founder and CEO of Holistic Hub Marketing and the Easy Key to Life™ Institute, and is an award winning speaker, author, entrepreneur, consulting hypnotist, and wellness coach. For over 10 years she has been personally trained by Dr. John Gray, world renown author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the largest selling relationship author ever.

This program is a steal at only $37. There is no risk to you. Take advantage of my 30 day guarantee. If within the 30 days of buying my program and using it, you don’t see any improvement in your longtime romantic relationship, you can get a full refund. Click this button to download now:

$37 for the training. Click this button to download now:

NOTE: As soon as you register (you will need to confirm if you are sent a confirmation email), you will begin receiving a few emails and a bonus guided meditation “Release and Relax” downloadable mp3. As it is a guided meditation, don’t listen to it while operating heavy machinery, such as a car.

Nothing in this program is meant to be considered medical, psychological or nutritional advice. Contact those professionals for that type of advice. I do not diagnose nor treat psychological disorders. I am not a licensed practitioner, rather I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. This information and training contains only educational content for wellness. If you are in an urgent situation, call 911 or call the Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255, which is available 24/7 and is free.

Questions and Answers About the Course

Here are answers to some questions people have had about my training.

Do I have to be in a relationship now?

No. This information will help you in every relationship, especially with people of the opposite gender. It may even help you understand yourself better.

Is this training for married people only?

No. I’m using the term “honeymoon period” as a metaphor for the happy time in the beginning of a relationship. After being in a relationship for a couple of years, it changes and I will explain more about that. Really the goal of the course is to assist people with information that will help improve their relationship. This is incredible information that changes lives.

Do I have to understand science? Will you be teaching in plain, simple terms?

This training is all about the practical use of recent research. I will be mentioning four important chemicals, but you probably know at least two of them already. I mean, who hasn’t heard about testosterone? And you may have heard about serotonin. You will not need to understand science to understand this course. This training is all about thoughts, feelings and actions and how it affects relationships.

How long will it take before I notice a difference in my relationship?

It can be immediate! I have had clients turn their relationships around in a day! Some of this information is that effective. Other parts of the training are more gradual