Serotonin Helps Relieve Depression, Feels Good, & It’s Free


I did some research on the treatment of the mentally ill in the beginning, when we knew very little about the mind. Did you know the word “bedlam” has its origin from one of the first sanitariums established in Bedlam, England? We still use the word to describe chaos or madness. Some of the information I came across literally had me with my mouth wide open. Chaining patients to a wall, spraying patients with water hoses to cleanse them of evil spirits, injecting patients with insulin and inducing insulin shock in hopes they would regain consciousness and feel better. I mean treatment was truly barbaric, and there was no such thing as patient rights.


Psychosurgery was commonplace in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and was done without the patient’s consent.

Pioneering men and women with the greatest minds of their time gave us better understanding of mental disorders. The names I came across like B.F. Skinner, Piaget, Freud, and Maslow have stood the test of time. Gender Brain Science™ is a program I created, but if not for these pioneers, I couldn’t have done it. Brain chemistry has long been associated with the symptoms related to mental illness.


My focus is on depression because of my personal experience. I have known sadness, fatigue, lack of interest in activities I once enjoyed, and suicidal thoughts. I survived my ordeal and decided to do whatever I could to help others overcome this debilitating disorder.  With the help of Dr. John Gray and others, I developed Gender Brain Science™.


No Prescription Needed, Your Body Already Has It

I learned so much about gender chemistry from Dr. John Gray, the author of the Mars/Venus books.  Men and women have very different reactions to daily stress, and hormones play a major role in the stress response. Women need the stress hormone oxytocin and the neurotransmitter serotonin, while men need the stress hormone testosterone and neurotransmitter dopamine for stress management.


Problems arise when a women’s need for oxytocin and serotonin, or a man’s need for testosterone and dopamine, exceeds amounts available. My program is one solution to balancing supply and demand. Recent research has confirmed there is a relationship between brain chemistry and emotional well being. In simpler terms, when you improve brain chemistry, you improve emotional well being.


The point I am trying to get across to you is depression can result from being overwhelmed with stress. The good news is you can manage stress using the natural resources your body produces. Your body can write its own prescription for improving its chemistry! My program not only teaches you to improve your chemistry, I also teach how you can support a healthy chemistry in all your relationships.


My program addresses the importance of naturally balancing hormones and neurotransmitters.  Bringing you relief from depression is done with any number of available solutions, or a combination of solutions. Advances in the medical, psychological, and pharmaceutical communities have contributed greatly in relieving the emotional suffering caused by mental illness.


Where there is hope, there is help.


You Have Options

You can take an active role in opening the door to real solutions for your unique situation.  If it’s a gender chemistry issue, learn what you can do about it by educating yourself about your gender chemistry.

Maybe you’re just eating the wrong foods or not getting enough exercise. There are many different options for you, but you have to take the first step.


Knowledge is a golden tool, which opens so many other doors for you. It addresses other techniques that make relief possible for you. Communication, nutrition, accepted complementary practices, and an increased awareness of behaviors that might indicate unbalanced chemistry are taught in my program.


My name is Beverly Taylor. Let me help you so that you choose the solutions that will give you the edge you need to overcome.