Do You Want Stress Relief from Feeling Overwhelmed at Work?

If you’re a working woman, you know what it’s like to feel work place stress. And because the corporate world is still mostly a man’s world, women often must set aside their female needs to fit in and succeed. But if you’re doing that, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage and causing yourself more stress. In fact, when you honor your female nature, you can get stress relief at work.

Gender Brain Chemistry™ and Stress

When we experience long-term stress, our cortisol levels go up and stay up. And when cortisol is high, a woman’s oxytocin drops. But women need oxytocin, and lots of it. Why? Because it reduces her stress.

In our society, the corporate world doesn’t fully support a woman’s need for oxytocin. That’s because businesses thrive on testosterone – the hormone that reduces stress in men. So, in this testosterone world, people value action, effort and quick results the most.

But what is it that women value the most? A woman needs to feel validated and valued for who she is. Not for what she does. This isn’t just a matter of personal preference. It’s the chemical way women increase their oxytocin levels, and experience wellbeing and wholeness. In fact, women’s bodies crave the hormone oxytocin because their bodies use it up so quickly in our society.

Is it possible for a woman to increase her oxytocin while operating in a testosterone-driven job?

Get Stress Relief by Increasing Your Oxytocin

In an ideal world, your coworkers and employers would already know about the importance of oxytocin in a woman’s life. But let’s face it. Most people aren’t aware of this new information yet. But don’t let this discourage you.

There are simple ways for you to support your oxytocin levels right in your own office or cubicle.

What Raises a Woman’s Oxytocin?

Connecting, talking things over, sharing personal anecdotes, tending, befriending, caring and sharing all increase oxytocin. Giving and receiving help and support are other oxytocin-raising activities. What do all these things have in common? They allow a woman to express and communicate her feelings and emotions. What’s more, these activities provide validation and understanding for her feelings.

Instinctively, women already know how to share, care, and bond with others. But they’ve had to suppress this natural need because of the demands of the testosterone-driven business model. And for a woman to feel valued, honored and respected, there needs to be a safe place for her to experience her emotions with others.

Get Stress Relief with Oxytocin-Raising Activities

Here are some simple, yet restorative ways to naturally lift your oxytocin to feel supported, refreshed and stress free.

  1. Take breaks with gentle strolls, or gentle breathing exercises.
  1. Enjoy a massage, manicure or pedicure in between clients or meetings.
  1. Spend time connecting with female coworkers. Complement their outfit, ask how they are, give hugs, or just catch up over coffee.
  1. Keep an inspiration board in your office. Fill it with images and quotes that evoke ideas of connection, spirituality, beauty, friends, love, pampering and relaxing.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and burned out when your oxytocin is running on empty. But it’s also easy to replenish and raise this important hormone with simple activities and feel restored again. If you can’t do this during work hours, make sure you do oxytocin producing activities outside of work – even petting a cat will help!

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