How to Write Engaging Blog Posts with Gender Brain Chemistry™

What makes you want to run a new business? Do you want to make money, help people or just stay busy? Whatever your motivating factors are, it is always satisfying to make extra money from your business. How would it feel if your business had the possibility of winning over many more clients or customers? What about writing engaging blog posts that persuade potential clients to work with you or for more customers to buy from you?

Imagine how fast your business could grow if you had that potential. Every business does have the possibility of growing, but success and growth rely heavily on how the business handles it. When you can come up with enticing blog posts that portray your company well, it can do a lot of magic in terms of showing off your services and all of the advantages it has for clients and customers.

You want to use blog posts to make clients and potential customers connect with your business. This will ensure that they stay with you for a long time. Lots of small business owners fail to stand out because they do not realize that they have the potential to do so. When they write blog posts, they fail to adhere to the principles that guide compelling content.

What should you do as a business owner to attract customers and clients? You should follow these suggestions and in no time you will succeed in doing just this.

Write for Your Audience

No matter what, you need to consider your audience in how you write and what you tell them. An additional aspect that you can now include is to write for their gender. While you may have a general idea about this, here is information about gender brain chemistry that will assist you even more.

Men need more dopamine and testosterone. Women need more serotonin and oxytocin. Using certain words and images can actually increase these chemicals. When you do that, you will actually help the person feel better. On the contrary, when you don’t consider this, you may use words and images that do the opposite. That turns people off.

Make Your Title Compelling

When you go to write a post, make the subject line grab the reader immediately. Think about you’re your customers are interested in and write content that helps foster that interest. Write to them as personally as you can while maintaining a professional tone. They need to know you care about them and that you are listening to their needs and wants.

You want the world to start reading the blog right away with a creative, engaging title. The first paragraph has to be particularly attractive in order to keep the reader on the page. Use this paragraph to show you care, introduce a problem you have actionable ways to tackle. Be like a pen pal.

Always Use Images

Posts that have images or videos make the blog more visually interesting and better understood. People are attracted to images. Remember that you need to know your audience, so you need to know the percent of men and women.

The types of images that will increase a man’s testosterone and dopamine are ones that are fast, dynamic, explosive, prosperous and powerful. So good images for men include fast, expensive sports cars, images related to wealth. And yes, a sexy woman is good too. Strong colors of red, blue, and green are good. Research shows that more men’s favorite colors are blue, green and brown.

More women’s favorite colors are blue, green and purple. It’s generally better for colors for women to be softer, depending on your business niche. So you can already see some differences. Good images for women do depend on your business. Images such as babies, children and families and love increase oxytocin. Images such as relaxing by the beach, talking to other women or getting a massage will increase serotonin (and oxytocin).

Consider the Tone and Words You Use

Use a tone that is almost like you are writing to them personally in an e-mail. Then imagine your reader just skimming over your first paragraph. Use this as an opportunity to make sure your first paragraph draws them in like it is about to solve a mystery. Try to engage them with inspiration and humor. You can get your reader to stay with you until the very last word.

Write inspiring or encouraging posts about how to get more clients of their own. Help them solve problems. Make your reader want to stay with you to the very end of the blog! Just think about your intended audience and take an angle that you think is beneficial to them.

As a business person, you now know that your initial blog paragraph has to get everyone’s attention. Now that you know this can you imagine how much more business you can generate? Be sure to use concise and simple titles when you write your posts and you will succeed.

Consider this when you write your future engaging blog posts, making sure you choose words and images according to the gender of your audience. You will win over more readers!

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