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Do You Want Simple Stress Reduction Solutions? | Easy Key to Success with Brain Science

Do You Want Simple Stress Reduction Solutions?


Do you feel frustrated at work when things just don’t go right for you?   Do you know what…a lot of people feel frustrated. And it’s not just at work. There are plenty of things that can frustrate people.

Additionally, a lot of people just don’t know how to naturally manage that frustration.

Frustration can drive you to feel angry and sometimes act too aggressive. When this happens for men, it can most likely be that you need more testosterone. Hey, I’m not faulting you here. This is actually based on brain research.

The good news is both men and women can naturally replenish the hormones they need to reduce frustration. Want some natural ideas? (I thought you’d never ask!) Let’s start with the guys first…

For guys to replenish testosterone at work, just get away from the stressor for a few minutes and do a mindless activity. Women, did you know that guys have the ability to clear their mind? I know that’s much different for you because you are actually hardwired to think a million thoughts.

However, men can just click off their minds. That’s why they can easily zone out and not hear anyone else talking to them when they’re watching TV. (Does that frustrate you women? Well, it doesn’t have to, now that you know men are hardwired to click off their mind.) That’s why they say to women, “Don’t worry about it. Things will change and get better.”

That might also frustrate women because they CAN’T forget ANYTHING it seems. Which frustrates men to no end!

So, ladies, if you will just work with this brain hardwire phenomenon with men, when they feel frustrated, just give them some room. They need to click off their mind and brain for a while. That will actually help them de-stress and replenish their testosterone. Once they have more testosterone, they can think clearly again and get back to work. Okay, now what about women?

If you are a woman feeling frustrated at work, you probably need to replenish your oxytocin. Depleted oxytocin occurs when you overload yourself with testosterone-driven tasks.

Women are meant to bond with other people. They like doing bonding activities where they feel nurtured, pampered and genuinely cared about for who they are. So, if you feel frustrated at work, talk it out with another woman (or man) who cares about you. It’s a great way to de-stress!

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